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Our dedicated team of Lawyers with strong expertise across Business Law, Construction Law, Criminal Law and many others.

Sunsolis Legal is a boutique law firm based in Sydney. We deliver quality legal services to you with our expertise across multiple areas such as business, banking & finance, construction, intellectual property, medical negligence, family and migration.

We listen, understand and look after your individual needs in a friendly and professional manner. Our focus on providing reliable and cost-effective legal solutions always serves your best interests.

We are proud of our commitment to excellence.

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We can provide a wide range of legal services to cater to your business or individual requirements. Read more about our services below.

Business Law

At Sunsolis Legal, our business lawyers can assist clients in a wide range of business law matters.

Building & Construction Law

This is an area of law which is substantially regulated and in which disputes arise frequently.

Criminal Law

Being charged with an offence can be devastating and intimidating for those involved.

Corporations Law

These days, many businesses operate as corporations. However, many are unaware as to the complex rules which regulate corporations.

Employment Law

People spend significant amount of their time at work. In Australia, substantial amount of law exists to govern the relationship of employer-employee.

Family Law

Being charged with an offence can be Separation is something which people don’t want to think about, however it occurs in certain relationships.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Disputes frequently arise in many people’s lives which are daunting for all those involved.

Property Law

Properties often constitute substantial parts of individuals’ assets. When dealing with properties, it is crucial for you to be accurately aware as to your legal rights.

Succession Law

Disputes often arise after someone’s passing, often due to lack of estate planning and / or peculiar relationships.

Immigration Law

The rules and regulations of immigration law can be updated very quickly

Personal and Corporate Finance

At any point of your life, you or your organization may need to raise capitals through finance, or you may be capable of providing finance to others from which you can make a return.

Not-for-profit Law

Sunsolis Legal has also been the long-term legal counsel of several not-for-profit organisations including professional and business associations, sporting clubs and community service organisations.

Health Care Matters & Medical Complaint

The Health Care Complaints Commission is a statutory body with the power to solve, investigate and prosecute complaints about health care

Compensation Law

The Compensation Law Team at Sunsolis Legal in different types of compensation cases and can provide expert legal advice

Public Notary

With the globalisation of international business and the growth of individual migration, the notarisation of documents or legal instruments is particularly important in cross-border business transactions and personal activities

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