Health Care Matters & Medical Complaint

HCCC (The Health Care Complaints Commission) is a statutory body with the power to solve, investigate and prosecute complaints about health care. Possible outcomes of a complaint include prohibition order, cancellation or suspension of health practitioner, media releases and prosecution.

At Sunsolis Legal, our team of experts has extensive experience in formulating or handling different types of health care and medical complaint. We provide the whole package of services from assessment to investigation and strive for the best possible outcome for our client.

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Areas of Expertise

Complaint to HCCC

Professional Code of Conduct

Complaints about health organisations (public and private hospitals, medical centres, imaging and radiation services)

Complaints about registered health practitioners (medical practitioners, nurses, dentists and pharmacists)

Complaints about unregistered health practitioners (counsellors, speech therapists, massage therapists and alternative health care providers)

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