Leo Yang

Education consultant

As an experienced education consultant based in Australia, Leo provides personalised advice and tailored guidance to help students successfully apply to their desired Australian universities and courses. Having lived in Australia for many years, Leo is familiar with the Australian education system and student life. He regularly participates in education exhibitions and exchange activities to stay updated with the latest policies and trends. Leo values trust and communication with students, and maintain close contact with them throughout the application process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable study abroad journey from the very beginning. The study abroad consulting services Leo offers mainly include assisting with applications for 

  • undergraduate and graduate programs at universities, 
  • vocational education and training (VET) courses, 
  • public and private primary and secondary schools.

With his experience and expertise, Leo can provide tailored advice and guidance to help students navigate the complex application processes for each of these types of courses. His goal is to ensure that every student has the support they need to achieve their study abroad goals and have a positive experience in Australia. Please feel free to contact our Leo with any questions or needs regarding Australian education and student life.

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